Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition)

Financial Accounting Software is designed to offer advanced set of features beyond what is typically done in manual processing of financial records of any organization. Accounting management system is tool to make the complex task of maintaining accounting and invoice details of company. Software proves to be a helping hand for accountants to manage account records, sales-purchase details, customer-vendor information, item details and other business records in easy way.Bookkeeping program also generate valuable reports that provide accurate and updated financial details to take favorable business decisions. No complicated set up or IT specialist is required to run or operate the software, it can be easily handled even by novice users.

Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition) Screenshot
Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition)
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Software Features

  • ➔ Easily maintain billing and inventory details of multiple companies at one place.

  • ➔ Allows users to generate printable accounting reports including Final report (Balance Sheet, Trial balance etc), Accounts report (Cash book, Debit-Credit Note etc), Stock reports, Sales-purchase report etc.

  • ➔ Facilitates users to export generated reports in PDF and MS-Excel file formats.

  • ➔ No accounting experience is required to use the application.

  • ➔ Software password protected feature prevents external users to access data and software settings.

  • ➔ Allows users to take backup and restore database records in case if original data lost due to some data loss reason.

  • ➔ Accounting details can be easily accessed from other machines connected over LAN network.

  • ➔ Provide freeze date option so that external users cannot modify data of specified date range.