Employee Salary Software

Whether you own a small or a large business enterprise and looking for advance staff management tool, then Employee Planner is the smart choice for you! Managing employee scheduling is time-consuming and complex job for you, but Employee Planner provides a better way to simplify the management of workflow in your company or organization. Easy to use staff planning software with generous feature sets enables you to track and manage employee attendance records, shift details, trips/training details, leave records along with complete payroll module all at one place

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Employee Salary Software
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Software Features

  • Manage multiple company records :Software is designed and developed in such a way that multiple company records can be easily handled at one place.

  • Maintains staff attendance records :Keep track and manage staff day-to-day attendance records with status details of every employee including present, absent, late, overtime, holiday etc.

  • Maintains staff leaves records :Company staff leave records can be easily maintained with detailed information of allocated leave for each person, how much leave they've taken, types of leaves, remaining leaves etc.

  • Maintains employee salary details :Software helps to maintain complete payroll details of employee as per company standards.

  • Manage in/out details :Software easily maintain in/out details of company employees to provide you all you need to keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office.

  • Maintains employee shift records :Easily maintain each employee shift record along with complete details of shift time, duration and days without any scheduling conflict.

  • Manage employee tour and training details :Effectively maintain tour and training details of company employees and also provide option to generate pass for employee going for tour/training purpose.